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Terms of Services

Terms of Services

By using our services, you confirm your agreement with the following Terms of Services and other Booking & Cancellation Policy on behalf of yourself and other tour participants booking a tour with us through you. Please read the information completely. The Website is in direct ownership of the company Max Holidays India Pvt. Ltd. These terms of services reflects the way Max Holidays works, the rules that applies to customer’s relationship with the Company and many other terms of our services for customer.


What service we provide

Established in 2004, Recognised by Govt of India, Ministry of Tourism, Max Holidays is a fully licenced and a highly reputed Company in India providing travel consultancy and tour booking services to global community of travellers. The website www.kailash-yatra.org is owned and managed by Max Holidays India Pvt. Ltd. Through this website we provide travel consultancy and tour package bookings particularly for Kailash Mansarovar Yatra and several other Hindu temples and sites such as Adi Kailash Om Parvat, Char Dham, Muktinath Dham, Pashupatinath Temple, Damodar Kund, Ayodhya & Kashi, Amarnath ji, Dwarka etc. We have a dedicated and highly experieced team of professionals who have deep knowledge to share with the travellers for those trips and supply the most relevant information as may be required by the traveller. It is to be noted that our travel consultancy services and tour booking services are chargeable only when the traveller places a tour booking order with us. We understand (and we recommend) that the traveller will place a booking order only when he/she is satisfied with the information and price quotation provided by us through website, brochures, chat or phone calls. When we accept the tour booking, we instantly charge our travel consultancy fee and service charges to start the tour registration process. Such charges for cunsultancy and internal tour registration process. Such information is supplied to the travellers during the process of consultancy and is also clearly displayed in the booking documents. We strongly recommend that a traveller while booking a trip and placing the initial deposit for the trip should not ignore to read such information, and if they should book with confidence only when they are in acceptance with such business policies of Max Holidays.

About the trip

A trip to Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarovar, conducted in remote land of Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR), under extreme inhospitable weather conditions and lack of tourism infrastructure. This spiritual adventure in high altitude is a very challenging task for the travellers and at the same time it is equally difficult for the tour operators to organise this trip. Max Holidays, as a responsible business body Recognised by Govt. of India, Ministry of Tourism and also as an experienced tour operating company, always do its best to organise trip without changes or delays in the services. But the nature of those trips to Kailash Mansarovar is very unpredictable and there are many things which are beyond the control of the Company, its team and also its vendors/ counterparts in Nepal and China. This is why for Kailash Mansarovar tours the policy of the Company for bookings, cancellation, refund, amendment etc are very strict as compare to other normal tours. As a ‘Customer’ of Max Holidays and a ‘Traveller’, while making a booking with us, you acknowledge that you have been made aware by the Company, for the mental, physical, financial and life risks involved in high altitude travel to Kailash Mansarovar. You confirm that you have carefully read, understood and accepted the information (through a translated version, in your own language), including Company's booking, cancellation and refund policy, mentioned herein below and also those supplied to you by our staff or representatives during the course of correspondence (more specifically through the trip brochure, booking forms and other booking related documents). You confirm that you are booking a trip with Max Holidays under your own free will and risk.

Eligibility of the traveller

Any person carrying valid passport, with age not more than 70 years, maintaining good health and declared fit by a qualified doctor can undertake a tour to Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarovar in Tibet through India, Nepal and Tibet entry points, with a preorganised group of travellers. Recently it was declared that a person with above 70 years of age, declared fit by a qualified doctor, can also apply for permits and visa to visit Kailash Mansarovar. However this came with few conditions enforced by the Chinese authorities. The authorities may consider to accept application for such an elderly person only if; (1) He/she has gone through all necessary medical tests and has obtained NOC from his/her doctor; (2) He/she is accompanied by family members (blood relation only) on this trip; and (3), if he/she agrees to deposit an amount of US$1000 upfront to the Chinese authorities, being 'refundable' security deposit for any medical emergency with the traveller while in Tibet. It is recommended, that, such an elderly traveller must go through all necessary medical checks before making a booking and also before going on the trip. As per the rules by Tibetan authorities, person with age of 60 years and above are not permitted to undertake Mt. Kailash parikarama. The decision for issuing permits and allowing parikrama (circumambulation/kora/ paridakshhina) of Mount Kailash lies in the hands of the concerned authorities / officers at Lhasa and Darchen.

Check More on Eligibility

Enquiry & Bookings

Booking a trip for Kailash Mansarovar yatra has made easy with us. One just need to follow few simple steps to get enrolled. Find out below some easy steps to book your travel to Kailash Mansarovar with Max Holidays.


Please fill the Enquiry Form and send it to our head office in India and our trip experts will contact you at their earliest possible. You can also contact us via email at kmy@maxholidays.com or mobile phone no. 0091 8800750030. We are also available on Business Whatsapp at mobile no. (0091) 8800750030. While submitting an enquiry with us related to your travel, you confirm that you have read carefully our 'Terms of Services' and under your acceptance on all those terms, you wish our office to respond to your queries.

Enquiry Form

Collecting travel information

We at Max Holidays have travel advisors dedicatedly working to help you with the latest and best available travel information for Kailash Mansarovar. A traveller may feel free to take all necessary travel information from our trip advisors. If the traveler is not satisfied with any information supplied by your travel advisor, he/she please write an email to our office so that a senior level travel advisor may look into the same and guide the traveler further. Our travel advisors also provide some good reading material (trip brochures, maps, guidebook etc.) for the trip and website links where you can find more information to understand the available routes, nature of these trips, technicalities and risks involved, trip preparation etc. When you collect information from our travel advisors and/or visit our website to get travel information or make enquiry/bookings, you accept the ‘Booking & Cancellation Policy’ and ‘Terms of Services’ of Max Holidays.

Tour Booking

Once the traveller has obtained all necessary information to his/her satisfaction and he/ she wish to make a tour booking with our office he/she must send a written booking request along with the tour booking documents and registration fee as may be required for the trip. No booking is considered 'accepted' by the Company unless the booking amount and documents are received by us and a 'booking reference number' is issued by our office. We recommend using email as a reliable source of correspondence and keeping the information safe. Your travel bookings and travel dates are further subject to necessary permissions and entry visa from the concerned authorities and embassy.

Booking Documents

To reserve a seat in our Kailash Mansarovar Yatra fixed departure tours, one must ensure that he/she has a passport which is valid for a minimum period of six months from the date of commencement of the trip. For making a booking with us the traveller must read (if require, a translated version in their own language) and accept our ‘Booking & Cancellation Policy’ and ‘Terms of Services’ by the way of completing and signing the booking documents. The following documents are required for Initial booking / registration process with Max Holidays:

  1. Clear, colour scanned, self-attested photocopies of traveller's valid passport,
  2. Original copies of Registration Form duly filled and signed,
  3. Annexure1, Traveller's Declaration & Booking Agreement, duly signed,
  4. Photocopy of document confirming successful payments,
  5. Photocopy of traveller's Aadhaar Card (Indian passport holders only),
  6. Photocopy of traveller's Voter ID card (Indian passport holders only),
  7. Photocopy of PAN card of the person making the payments (Indian passport holders only),
  8. Three copies of latest, coloured, passport size photograph of the traveller,

Note: Photocopies of all documents should be clear and self-attested by the traveller/ owner. Please affix a photograph on Registration Form and mention you name on the backside of your other photo before sending us. The photograph should be exactly as required for China visa.

Booking confirmation

As stated above, on receiving the complete booking documents and advance booking amount, our office shall send written confirmation to the traveler or to the person making bookings on behalf of the traveler, along with a booking confirmation/reference number. This confirms that your name has been listed in one of our trips scheduled to depart for Kailash Mansarovar in the following months, however, these trips require further approvals and permissions from the local govt and embassies of the countries of travel and unless the same are issued traveler’s bookings remain tentative only.

Money Matters

Trip price & Inclusions

Prices of our trips are inclusive of accommodation, food, transport, guides, fuel charges, permit, visa etc. (please check trip brochure for a detailed list of inclusions and exclusions) and we take utmost care for not increasing the price of service or the tour package during the year. But, in the event of hike in fuel price, change in Govt taxes, increase in visa fee or permit charges, major fluctuation in the currency exchange rate, air fare increase, increase in fee or charges by Nepal or Tibet ground operator and other changes in the prices which are beyond our control, the Company retains absolute right to increase the price of the trip package or a part of the trip, without any further notice at any time ‘before or during’ the yatra. Additional payments caused due to such price changes and hike must be paid by the traveler, in addition to the agreed trip price, with no delay. Upon refusal by the travellers to pay such additional amounts the Company shall retains the right to reject his/her trip participation in the trip and all advance payments made by the traveler will be forfeited.

Important price exclusions

Few of the important additional expense incurred on traveller for Kailash Mansarovar yatra are as below :

  1. Charges for flights/transport from home to the trip starting point and back,
  2. Any insurance,
  3. Mule & porter charges for Mt. Kailash parikarama/kora,
  4. Medical expense in the event of hospitalisation,
  5. Emergency evacuation expense, if any,
  6. Accommodation & meals for extended length of stay due to delay in the trip,
  7. Any extra expense incurred due to change in the trip itinerary or services on demand of the traveler or in ‘Force Mejeure’ events,

Acceptable Currency

Indian travellers : The Company accepts payments in Indian Rupees from all Indian citizens, making transactions through an Indian Bank or through other sources as may be permitted by the Law.

NRIs and Foreigners : All non-Indian passport holders (NRIs & Foreigners) must pay for their bookings only in authorised and acceptable foreign currency. American Dollars, British Pounds, Euro, Canadian Dollars, Singaporean Dollars, Australian Dollars ad few other currencies are widely acceptable in India. However we have a long list of acceptable currencies and the same may be checked with our office, if a need occur.

Discounted offers

The Company keep floating discounted offers and special booking schemes for promotion of various trips. These offers are completely at the discretion of the Company and the terms of those offers/schemes can be changed anytime thereafter without assigning any prior notice. The Company also retain the right to withdraw or modify the offers/scheme anytime without assigning any notice. It is totally at Company’s discretion to confirm or reject any booking under such schemes. To bring more travellers we keep floating attractive schemes and offers, which may be seen on our website, social pages or in our promotional advertisements. None of the two (or more) schemes/ offers / deals (including Early-Bird offer, Last Minute booking discount, Super-Flexi payment plans, Festival Offers etc) can be clubbed with each other or any other offer or discounts. While making the query with us, the traveler clearly need to mention the details of special offer under which he/she wish to book a trip. Services and bookings for all schemes and offers are subject to availability only. Trips once booked under such offers/scheme cannot be shifted to any other offer/scheme introduced by us at a later stage, even if the new offer is with more discounts or higher customer benefits. Such deals and offers are a part of Company’s marketing strategy and the Company retain the right to decide upon the price of the yatra. No claim whatsoever will be entertained in this regard. All bookings, Cancellations and Refunds will be only as per the booking agreement signed between the Company and traveler/s.

Company’s service charge

While choosing to book a trip with us, this is to be taken into consideration by the traveler, that, Max Holidays is a private tour operating Company (duly recognised by Govt of India, Ministry of Tourism) and it does not own any hotel, flight, helicopter, tour guides, vehicles etc. The area of services of Max Holidays include providing travel consultation, best available travel information, trip brochures, communicating with the vendors and other local service providers to organise necessary travel bookings on behalf of the travellers. All quotations and trips costs provided by the Company include amount for Company’s pre booking consultancy fee, brochure and information charges and staff service charges, which are non-refundable and non-transferable in the event of cancellation of a trip (completely or partially) from either side, due to any reason whatsoever it may be, including Lockdown situation, non-grant of necessary travel permissions or visa or any other 'Force Mejeure' situation.

Advance Payments

It is mandatory for the traveler to pay advance deposit at the time of booking (registration). All payments must be paid in favour of Max Holidays India Pvt Ltd. New Delhi, India and the same must be deposited or transferred in the Company bank account through Online Banking (NEFT/RTGS), Online Payment using Credit / Debit card, UPI, Cheques or Cash deposits. International transactions must be made using SWIFT bank payment system or through Online Card Payment Gateway. Payable advance amount for such transaction may differ for various tour packages, routes and various offers floated by the Company time to time. It is to be noted carefully, that the initial booking amount paid by the traveller includes a non-refundable, non-adjustable and non-transferable amount (fully or partially) as mentioned in the trip booking documents submitted by the travellers. Such non-refundable amount is charged as Company’s service charges as mentioned above and will deducted from the payments at the time of making refunds. The Company’s service charges are deducted in the event of cancellation of the trip, irrespective to the reason or point of cancellation of the trip, including the situations/circumstances as listed in the 'Force Mejeure' causes above. All such cancellation charges are pre-informed during the course of correspondence and the same are also mentioned in our tour booking documents.

Balance Payments

Full balance payments must be received by the Company atleast 45 days prior to the trip commencement date incase of individual booking or 60 days prior to date incase of a group of six or more travellers or at the time of Tibet entry permit application (whichever is earlier). No booking is considered 'confirmed' unless full and timely payments are received along with all necessary documents and information from the traveller. It is the responsibility of the traveller to provide us timely payments and to ensure that all booking documents provided by the traveller are true and complete. In the absence of timely payments or incomplete information / documents from traveler, we shall not be able to process his/her/their tour bookings further and shall not be responsible for cancellation of his/her/their trip or non-grant of necessary permissions by the concerned authorities. The Company, retain absolute right to refuse to take the traveller on-board in our group by cancelling his/her participation in case timely payments are not received by us or if the information or/and documents supplied by the traveller for trip are delayed, incomplete or false. In such case all payments made by the traveler will be forfeited and he/she will be liable to pay the cancellation fee to the Company as mentioned below in general cancelation policy and set forth in the ‘Booking Agreement’. The Company recommend that, the traveler must read our payment, booking, cancellation and refund policies completely & carefully, before proceeding with your travel bookings with us (in his/her own language if he/she does not understand English well). The company further insists that, if the traveler is not in acceptance with Company such terms and conditions, he/she should refrain from booking a travel service with Max Holidays.

How to pay

The Company facilitates its customers with various easy payment methods which are listed in our website. To check more information on this go to page How to Pay. The law of India does not allow Non Indian travellers to make payments in Indian Rupees and if does, the company shall require a Money Exchange Certificate from the traveler to legalise the payment.

Invoice & Receipts

The traveler may obtain receipt voucher immediately against all payments made by you to our office. A 'Tax Invoice' is issued by us for all bookings and sent to the customers against full payments, only after completion of the services. If you wish to obtain a copy of your payment receipt or invoice, please write an email to our 'Accounts Department' at accounts@maxholidays.com or call them at 009111 42654565.

Taxes on Services

Kindly note Goods and Services Tax (GST), which may differ, based on the nature of service purchased, is payable by the traveler, in addition to the cost of the services. It is not only the legal responsibility of the Company to charge such taxes to its customers against the services, but it is also the liability of the customers to pay the same without fail. All our quotes and offers are ‘excluding’ the applicable GST, unless specified, and shall be charged extra at the time of billing. Any changes in the current tax structure or if any new taxes levied by Central or State Govt. shall be payable applicable additionally by the travellers. The following is the list of GST applicable on various services.

  • On Tour Package Purchase: 05% GST on total amount,
  • On Consultation & Information Services: 18% GST on service fee,
  • On Cancellation Charges: 18% GST on cancellation fee,
  • Flight Ticket Bookings: 18% GST on service charges,

TCS (Tax Collection at Source) uder LRS Limit

Kindly note that from 01 July'2023 , under new FEMA rule by Govt of India, it is mandatory for the Indian residents to pay TCS @ 20% of the total internnational tour package cost. This amount is payable upfronnt by the Indian residents at the time of payments for their Internnational tour bookings. Read More ..

Bank fee and charges

Making payments : All bank fee and charges for making payment to Max Holidays are to be paid by the customers. The Company accepts the payments in Indian Rupee and many other international currencies (check list of permitted currencies above). The amount reflected in the bank account of the Company shall be considered the ‘Amount received’ and the same shall be credited to the booking account of the traveler.

Receiving refunds : The Company shall make refunds only in Indian rupees, as per the Law of India. For international refunds, the intermediary bank are authorised and shall convert the amount in the currency in which the traveler is authorised to receive a payment. At the time of making a refund the company shall transfer the applicable INR amount and the traveler shall receive amount in his/her bank account in a local currency after deduction of intermediary bank fee/charges (if any).

Permit, Visa & Passport Service

In order to travel to Nepal and China for visiting Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarovar various restricted area permits are required before applying for China and Nepal travel visa. All group permits and group visa for Kailash Mansarovar yatra are included in our trip cost and shall be applied by the Company on behalf of the travellers with the designated Govt authorities, Agents, Embassies etc. However, grant of such permits is totally at the discretion of the concerned authorities and embassy. It is the sole responsibility of the traveler to ensure that he/she is carrying a valid passport, necessary travel permits, necessary entry visa, air tickets, insurance, medical clearance certificate, currency exchange certificates and other documents as may be required for the trip.

International flight tickets

As guided and repeatedly informed Kailash Mansarovar travel is full of uncertainties. Change in travel dates and duration is a very common and a well known part of this trip, even when the permit/visa application has been submitted. This is due to several reasons forced by international and local political reasons of China, delay in getting permits/visa, weather issues etc. We strongly recommend that the travellers should not book their flight tickets before receiving the permits to visit Tibet. If the travellers are concerned for increase in flight ticket cost at later stage and he/she/they want to buy their flight tickets by accepting the risk of trip delay or cancellation, we recommend that they should buy only a refundale flight fare with date flexibility option. Such flight tickets does not fall under our tour service / cost list and Max Holidays does not take any responsibility for any loss to the traveller due to such changes/cancellatios. As guided and repeatedly informed Kailash Mansarovar travel is full of uncertainties. Change in travel dates and duration is a very common and a well-known part of this trip, even when the permit/visa application has been submitted. This is due to several reasons forced by international and local political reasons of China, delay in getting permits/visa, weather issues etc. We strongly recommend that the travellers should not book their flight tickets before receiving the permits to visit Tibet. If the travellers are concerned for increase in flight ticket cost at later stage and he/she/they want to buy their flight tickets by accepting the risk of trip delay or cancellation, we recommend that they should buy only a refundable flight fare with date flexibility option. Such flight tickets does not fall under our tour service / cost list and Max Holidays does not take any responsibility for any loss to the traveller due to such changes/cancellations.

Restricted area permits

Travel permits for entering restricted areas in Nepal and China to visit Kailash Mansarovar region are included in our tour package cost. For Kailash Mansarovar yatra, delay in grant of permits and visa by the authorised agencies and authorities, is a very common problem faced by the tour companies and travellers. Since we do not have any control over this situation, we do not guarantee that, the permit will be received without delay. In the event of delay in receiving the permit from the designated authority / agent or also in the event of not receiving the permit for the desired travel date/period, the travel dates may change considering this a 'Force Mejeure' situation.

Tibet entry visa

A valid group travel visa is required by traveler (of all nationalities including Indian passport holders) for visiting Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarovar, through any port of arrival. For obtaining China group travel visa, all Indian passport holders, irrespective to their geographical location, must submit their passport with China Embassy in New Delhi only, through the Company, collectively with other trip participants. China Embassy New Delhi usually takes minimum four or five working days for announcing its decision regarding the visa. China group travel visa for non-Indian passport holders (NRIs, OCI card holders and all other nationalities) is granted by China Embassy in Kathmandu, Nepal and it takes about two-three working days to get the decision on visa by the embassy. This procedure may change without prior notice depending on the instructions from concerned authorities / embassy and if does it must be followed by the travellers, without fail.

Nepal entry visa

The citizens of Indian does not require a visa for entering or travelling in Nepal. However a valid Indian Passport or a valid Electoral card is mandatory for boarding a flight to Nepal, from any international airports in India. Travellers, holding passport with nationality other than Indian, require a valid passport and visa for entering and travelling in Nepal. For non-Indian passport holders Nepal tourist visa is available on arrival at Kathmandu International airport against applicable visa fee and documents.

Important remark : Indian travellers need to take a note that a valid passport and/or a valid Indian Voter Card are only document acceptable at the Indian immigration for boarding International flights to Nepal. Aadhaar Card, Driving License or any other Indian identity issued by the State or Central Govt in India are not considered as a valid document for travelling to Nepal.

Indian tourist visa

All non-Indian passport holders (if traveling through India) require to obtain a valid Indian visa from an Indian Embassy or High Commission in their country. Tourist visa on arrival has been restored after pandemic and is available for residents of over 156 countries worldwide. Check the list of countries and apply here for India Tourist Visa on Arrival (TVoA).

Passport Service

For travelling to Kailash Mansarovar in China, passport is an important and mandatory document to obtain necessary permit and entry visa. Indian citizens (irrespective to their geographical location) require to send their passport to our Delhi office by hand or through a reliable courier service agency. After receiving the decision on visa from China embassy, the traveler may get the passport collected from our Delhi office or request our office to send the same back to his/her postal address using courier services. It is to be noted that our trip cost and other services charges does not include the cost of such courier services. For sending the passport to our office and/or receiving it back to an authorised address in India (kindly note that passport is an important legal document and cannot travel cross the borders without its owner), all courier service charges are to be paid by the traveller only. We recommend that you send and collect the passport by hand to/from our office, but when it is not possible for the travelers we usually recommend using express passport courier service from Speed Post or Blue Dart or DHL or any good courier service agency (depending on their service locations). We at max Holidays do not take any responsibility or liability for any delay or error from the courier service agencies in delivering your passport to and fro. It is under the sole responsibility and of the traveler to choose mode of sending and receiving the passport for visa services.

Dont have a passport? : Apply or renew your passport with Passport Seva office of ministry of External Affairs, Government of India.

Trip Services

Accommodation style

Kailash Mansarovar tours are conducted in Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) though some small tourist destinations in Nepal side. These trips include three star hotel stay in Kathmandu for overland trip, four or five star hotel in Kathmandu for helicopter trips and three star equivalent hotels in Lhasa. At some places like Nepalgunj in Nepal, Taklakot in Tibet, Shigatse in Tibet, Darchen in the base of Mt. Kailash, Saga in Tibet; some hotels or guesthouses offer three star equivalent services. But, in the event of overflow of travellers, availability of accommodation in those specific hotels/guesthouse may get affected and the traveler in such cases will be offered with the next best available hotel / guesthouse for stay. Most of the places in Kailash Mansarovar yatra and more specifically Simikot, Hilsa, Syabrubesi, Mansarovar, Dhirapukh and Zuthulpukh are not well equipped with good facilities and travellers get only basic accommodation (sometime backcountry accommodation) for stay hence the traveler may have to compromise on quality. It is suggested that traveler should not carry high expectation and adjust with the best possible services made available by our local partners/guides/escorts. No choice for single room / double room / family room / privacy can be entertained. Also take a note that the toilets and bathrooms are not upto the mark and hygienic sometime, even in the reputed guest houses/hotels and the travelers will have to manage with this situation, if occurs. During the stay near lake Mansarovar and also during the trekking, natural toilets are available. We being an old and responsible tour Company, put the best of our efforts to ensure the best possible comfort for our customers but we do not guarantee that we will be able to meet with your expectations.

Food & Water

During the trip our team serve pure vegetarian hot food (without onion & garlic), tea/ coffee and hot water to the travellers. In Nepal side (Kathmandu, Nepalgunj, Simikot, Syabrubesi) the food is organised by the hotel / guesthouse whereas during travel in Tibet our Chef and his team prepare hot food for the traveler in their mobile kitchen. The chef and his team try to offer a basic variety of food to satisfy the taste and need of the group participants. During the parikrama of Mt. Kailash light food, cookies, chocolates, fruits, juices, noodles, porridge, khichdi, etc are the common food items offered by the chef team. In extreme cases, under adverse weather conditions or any other ‘Force Mejeure’ situation, if the traveler get stuck at Hilsa (Nepal-Tibet border area), for a longer time duration, the chef shall ensure for good amount of food for all, but regular variety in the food menu cannot be provided sometimes, if the supply of food material gets affected.

Ground transportation

  • India side - For a trip to Kailash Mansarovar Indian passport holders can chose a port of entry and travel from Nepalgunj, Nepal which is situated at a distance of about 180 kms from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. On this route transport services are usually by an air conditioned Indian tourist buses. In the event of smaller group size Toyota Innova cars, Sedan cars and/or jeeps are provides on sharing basis.
  • Nepal side - Nepal offers a mix of quality transportation and usually non air conditioned buses or jeeps are used for transfers and sightseeing tour purposes.
  • Tibet side - The transport services in Tibet side are mostly in local air-conditioned deluxe buses on sharing basis, with other trip participants. On demand of the travellers, depending on the feasibility and possibility, private jeeps / cars can be arranged at an additional cost, under the conditions and rules imposed by the local authorities.

Airlines & Helicopter services

  • Ticket Price : In the event when the tour package prices include internal flight bookings (flights and helicopter trips), the Company retain the right to charge the supplement cost to the traveler, anytime before the commencement of the trip, if there is any hike in ticket price by the flight Companies or owner of the helicopters due to whatsoever reasons.
  • Delay or cancellation in operation : Any delay or cancellation in the flight operation is not under the control of Max Holidays, its owners, staff, vendors or representatives etc.; therefore, a yatra delayed or cancelled due to such reasons is not considered as ‘yatra cancelled by the Company’. All additional expense incurred due to delay in flight operation or cancelation due to any reasons, is to be paid by the traveler only
  • Luggage Services : On your Kailash Mansarovar travel, we recommend that you carry minimum luggage with necessary items. In Nepal, for sector Kathmandu to Nepalgunj most airline permit 01 check in bag with 15kg weight and 01 cabin bag with 05kg of weight, whereas on routes where smaller aircraft or helicopter rides are available the airline permit only 01 check in bag with 10kg weight and 01 cabin bag with 02kg of weight, each traveler. We do not have any control over such services and charges of the third party.
  • BMI (Body Mass Index) : Body mass index (BMI) is a person’s weight in kilograms divided by the square of height in meters. With average height of 5 feet 9 inches and body weight 154.32 pounds (70kg) the BMI a person should be between 18.5 to 24.9 and this is ideally accepted by helicopter companies for flying on route Simikot to Hilsa and vice-versa. If any traveler is overweight, he/ she must inform the same to our team well in advance. For travelers with excess BMI the flight agencies may charge extra to the traveler, more specifically during helicopter trips where usually 05 person in one time are permitted to fly. We do not have any control over such services and charges of the third party.

Mule and Porters

Services of mule & porters for Mt. Kailash parikrama, is not a part of our tour package cost. One can hire mule and porter for parikrama at additional cost (approx. Chinese Yuan 3000 for a horse & a porter) which is payable directly by the yatri in Tibet. Any sort of issues related to hiring of porters / ponies / horse etc during the yatra is not under our control or responsibility and will not be entertained by the Company. The Chinese tour escort shall assist travelers to communicate with the owners or booking officer of horse and porters etc but availability and price of these services will not be in their control. We neither take any responsibility of the price of such service, behaviour of the animal and its owner, porter etc nor we guarantee the availability of the same. The traveler understand that these services and their price are beyond the control of the Company, its staff, partners, guides, escorts etc and availing of such services are at their own cost, decision and risk.


Personal travel and medical insurance are not included in our trip cost and it is the responsibility of the participant to carry a valid travel and medical insurance for visiting Mt. Kailash region. The traveller must ensure that he/she is fully insured for the entire duration of the yatra in respect of sickness, illness, accident, injury, death, emergency evacuation, loss of personal belongings, and cancellation or modification of the trip.

Service Upgradation

Kailash Yatra operates in the shape of groups travel only on fixed dates and fixed routes, therefore no amendment for any individual will be permitted especially for the Tibet portion in such group tours. However, for Nepal potion we try to meet with your requirements of amendments or upgradation, based on the availability and feasibility. It is to be noted that for all such changes or upgradation the additional expenses incurred shall be payable by the traveler before consumption of the service/s. The Company retain absolute right to deny for any modification or upgradation (even if traveller agrees to pay extra) if that is not available when demanded, or does not meet with the requirement of the trip.

Booking Amendments

Amendments before the trip - All Kailash Yatra groups operates on fixed departure date basis, therefore no amendment for individual is possible before or during the trip. For any amendment required before start of the trip, you must notify the Company in writing, well in advance. Possible amendments shall be made by the Company and additional expense incurred due to such changes shall be payable by the traveler upon receiving confirmation from our office.

Amendments during the trip - As per the rules of China authorities, if the traveller, after entering China, wish to call his/her trip cancelled in any circumstances and want to return (emergency evacuation), he/she must buy an additional permit to do so and pay immediately other penalties and expense as may incur due to such changes by the traveller including addition charges for ground and air transport, hotel bookings etc.

Cancellation Policy

While making arrangement for your trip, our experts take utmost care to provide you with best available information and best possible services to ensure a successful journey for you. However we do not take any responsibility for cancelation or amendment or postponement of the yatra (or any part/s of the journey) due to reasons beyond our control including delay in getting necessary permits or visa, climatic disorder, natural hazard, industrial disputes, technical failures, flight delay/cancellation, political reasons, decisions of concerned authorities, riots, strikes, sickness, accident etc. No refund is applicable in such cases, and also in such cases during or before the commencement of the yatra, if any additional expense occurs on us the same shall be paid by the traveller/s only. It is to be noticed by the travellers that the trips to Mt. Kailash are organised in remote and restricted areas of Tibet where very basic or sub-standard tourist facilities are available and the level of uncertainty in Kailash trip is very high due to its several reasons, including but not limited to, climatic conditions, diplomatic/political reasons, landslides, flight delay/cancelation, industrial disputes, act of other trip participants, sudden change in policy of local Govt and other travel related authorities etc. Our partners and expert team members ensures for success and fulfilment of your trip but the same always depend on such unforeseen conditions.

You must read our detailed Booking & Cancellation Policy and accept them while placing a tour booking with us

Refund Policy

All refunds approved by our authorised manager or staff shall be paid via cheque or bank transfer only (no cash) in Indian Rupees, within a time limit of 30 days after receiving the same from Nepal/China counterparts/service providers. All refunds will be made after deducting bank fee/charges, company service charges and other charges as may occur. To read more about our refund policy Click Here

Unutilised Services

The packages available on our website are offered in as-in shape or with possible modification as may be requested by the traveller. Please note that there shall be no refund applicable for any unutilized service, until approved in writing by one of our managers or staff in advance at the time of cancelation. The customers accept not to have any right to claim such refunds against unutilized service/s.


Health Declaration

While booking the yatra with Max Holidays the traveler declares that he/she has consulted with a qualified doctor and he/she is in good mental and physical condition. It is very important to ensure that the traveller is mentally and physically fit to undertake such a challenging trip in high altitude of above 19800 feet under extreme inhospitable travel conditions. The traveller confirms his/her sole responsibility for the same. The traveller accepts his/her liability to provide complete and true information to the Company for his/her medical status. The traveller is aware that at any time before or during the trip if he/she is declared unfit by the doctor to undertake this trip due to any high risk condition related to his/her health, his/her name will be removed from the trip and in such case all payments will be forfeited. The traveller further confirms, that, the Company and/or its Directors, Partners, Staff, Associates etc shall not be kept responsible for any issue pertaining to their health or/and loss of health or life and also for any additional expenses incurred due to medical emergency with the traveler.

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, India Ministry of Health, Nepal Department of Health, Tibet National Health Commission of the People's Republic of China

COVID 19: The travellers must check for the current travel guidelines and restrictions imposed by the governments and health department in the country of their travel for prevention from the spread of Covid19 virus. It is the responsibility of the traveller to follow such guidelines and keep the documents handy for their Covid vaccination/tests etc. during travel.

Covid appropriate behaviour

It is strictly recommended that all travellers must follow Covid appropriate behaviour while on the trip. Wear a clean mask, wash your hands with soap frequently, maintain social distancing and report to your guide immediately if you feel sick or feel Covid symptoms. It is the utmost responsibility of the travellers not only to keep themselves safe but also to ensure the safety of others near them.

Covid19 Vaccination

Most countries are giving entry permissions to those who are fully vaccinnated. It is advisable that you get yourself vaccinated completely annd keep the vaccinnation certificate available for border entry permissions

Force Majeure

Force Mejeure : Know about ‘unforeseen circumstances’ and ‘situation beyond the control of the Company or its representatives’

At many places, we have mentioned about Force mejeure cases, which include unforeseen circumstances and situation beyond the control of the Company and its management or representatives. These Force mejeure cases mainly refer to the situations or circumstances including, but not limited to, weather conditions, natural disaster, pandemic situation, lockdown, technical failures, delay in operation of flight or train, bad road conditions, delay in issuing the permit or visa by the concerned authorities, strikes, riots, war situation, accident, terrorist activity, political closure, not opening of the borders due to lockdown situation or any other reason, industrial disputes, health of the traveler, sudden change in policies of the Govt or concerned authorities in the land of travel, sudden hike in fuel charges, fluctuation in currency exchange rate, any other situation categorically falling under Act of God, misbehaviour or misdeed by any trip participants etc. The traveler must know and understand, that, the Company do not take any responsibility for cancellation or delay (partially or completely) of the trip and also for any additional expense incurred due to such situations or reasons. All additional expense incurring due to any forced change, cancellation, postponement or delay of the trip (or any service) due to Force mejeure reasons are to be paid by the traveler only over and above the trip cost, before or at the time of consumption of the service. The Company do not accept any liability to pay for the same. Also once the trip is launched, there will be no refund applicable for any unutilised services, if the trip is stopped or delayed or cancelled due to any such Force mejeure conditions.

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