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Damodar Kund

Damodar Kund

With the Barah Puran entailing its mighty tales, the elevated Damodar Kunda is carried with an antique manifestation!

  • Swipe off your sins by the pristine water from the Damodar Kund…

    Damodar Kunda is quite prominent since it is counted amongst the most passionately worshipped lakes which are spotted by the pilgrims while being a part of their divine walk to reach Mount Kailash. The Damodar Kunda Lake is much renowned especially amongst the population belonging to Hinduism and it is clipped in the Himalayas at the Annapurna’s northern side Mustang District sandwiched between Muktinath and Kagbeni where the rain pours at its best.

  • Lying at an elevation of 5400 metres, the serene surroundings of this miraculous lake despite of being quite cool as well as windy have made the place vibrantly beautiful and ‘worth a visit’. As portrayed by the sacred Barah Puran, the Damodar Kund is accompanied with the utmost spiritual importance and apart from this, as confirmed if this lake is being talked about, it would be almost impossible to mention the River Kaligandaki. This water body is recognised as the source of Kaligandaki River and also, you would be awestruck to know that while flowing towards the south in direction of the Indian border it facilitates an exhibition of the almighty Lord Vishnu in which the Damodar would be acting as his head, Shaligram Chakra as chest, Palpa’s Ruru Kshetra as the waist, holy Muktinath as his mouth, Gajendra Moksha devadham as his feet and finally the Devaghatam as the Knee. Witnessing such a ravishing portrayal of Lord Vishnu can only be seen in the lakes which are an indispensable part of the Damodar Kund. This whole description has been uttered by a column of the Barah Puran.

  • On the other hand, the second column of the Barah Puran entails some sayings uttered by Lord Vishnu in which he has clearly stated that any person who takes a holy bath in the pious water of the Damodar Kund, is surely going to be freed from the sins associated with him/her whether they are of his present life or any life from his/her previous birth. Not only this, but it has also been indicated in Puran that thousands of years ago, the two sons of Kuber who were experiencing the negative results of their sins which they would have performed during their previous birth and in order to free them from the same. Lord Vishnu advised them to take some holy dips in the Damodar Kund and also, as a conclusion of which they were finally liberated from each and every sin of theirs.

  • While describing the religious significance of Damodar Kund, it is really noteworthy that its greatness can never be defined in just a bundle of words. Its admiration would really need a long list of words but still they wouldn’t be enough. Once you are here, you would never want to come out of the calmness that lies in the environment of this lake. While being here, you are going to have some sights of the spectacular views from this place and on moving at a bit higher elevation after a short climb up the hills surrounding this lake, you are literally going to fall in love with each and every bit that lies here. Enjoy the heart stealing and the scenic views of the Tibetan plateau with the Annapurna Himalayas lying to the south and the gigantic Damodar Himal to the north. The Himal range is known to be an agglomeration of 65 peaks.

  • Mentioning on when to visit this place, it has to be known that Damodar Kund is not opened for the visitors all throughout the year since the weather conditions in and around its area is not favourable during the whole year. Thus, you can visit this lake during the months from April to September. However, August’s full moon tenure is considered to be the best time for the visitors to experience the divinity of this lake. Also, during this time you can also spot a grand festival being celebrated with utmost zeal and enthusiasm especially by the Hindus as well as the Buddhists. The hidden kingdom of the mighty Himalayas, Mustang is here to let you have some enjoyment of its highly antique culture that is much better than that of the Indian Subcontinent. Also, this lake is surely serving as a dream lake for majority of the pilgrims who are looking forward to the attainment of inner satisfaction.

  • Damodar Kund is accessible both by trek and helicopter and for all those who are seeking to visit this lake by trek on foot/pony can come here during June. On the other hand, those visitors who are want to indulge in a helicopter ride for visiting the Damodar Kund can have its experience either during April or September.

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