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Nandi Parvat

Mount Nandi Parvat

One of the most revered peaks situated nearby Mount Kailash, Nandi Parvat is here to let you experience the utmost divinity

Lord Shiva’s sacred vehicle and a symbol of honour, Nandi exists in the form of Nandi Parvat nearby the most favoured Mount Kailash

Nandi Parvat is considered to be one of the most vital peaks in Kailash Manasarovar Yatra and thus holds utmost significance. Devotees from all over the world strive to be a participant of the tour to Kailash with the sole intention of witnessing the heavenly abode of Lord Shiva Mount Kailash. Considered to be a highly spiritual peak experiencing abundant followers and that too beyond limits, this range leaves no devotee dissatisfied with any of its characteristics. Also, it is considered to be the tallest amongst its surrounding mountain peaks with its sides pointing out towards the varied cardinal directions. Not only Hindus, but the journey to Mount Kailash is believed to be an immensely pious one by Jains, Bon Pons and also the Buddhists. Each and every peak around Mount Kailash is accompanied with abundant divinity and as a result of which they are worshipped by every pilgrim who is a participant of the holy Kailash Manasarovar Yatra. One of such peaks is the Nandi Parvat.

The Nandi Parvat lies nearby Mount Kailash and is ardently followed by varied sections of world’s population. Nandi Parvat is named so because its shape and appearance resembles a Nandi. The Nandi is a holy bull and also is known to be the gatekeeper as well as a sacred vahana (vehicle) of almighty Lord Shiva. Also, as told by many Nandi is responsible for the worshipping of common bulls in the present era. It is assumed that Lord Shiva is engrossed in a deep meditation on the top of Mount Kailash and thus cannot listen to the prayers of the devotees. Here, Nandi acts as a messenger and delivers your message to Lord Shiva. As a result of this, Nandi Parvat is also ardently revered by the pilgrims from the nooks and corners of this world.

There is an existence of a fascinating story of Nandi the bull that is described in many religious books as well.

One of the most prominent characters inculcated in the Hindu mythologies, Nandi is introduced as Kashyapa and Surabhi’s son. Nandi is seen in different depictions as on one place, it might be represented as a half human and half bull while in some other way it is depicted as a sitting bull with folded limbs. It is really noteworthy that Nandi was not born as a bull but as a normal human. He was raised with great affection and knowledge and by the age of 7, he had plenty of knowledge about the each and every scripture as well as the holy texts. One day, Varuna and Mitra arrived at his residence with an intention blessing him, however they told that he has a very small life and would die by the age of 8 years. Getting to know about this and seeing his father in pain due to it, he started worshipping Lord Shiva with all his attention and ardency. Getting happy and satisfied with his praying, Shiva gave a piece of necklace along with a bell to Nandi that transformed him into a ‘half bull and half human’. Not only this, but he also allowed him to be his vehicle and honoured Nandi with immortality. It is said that Nandi the bull is a hub of powers, head of the Ganas, provider of boons, a true symbol of honour, justice, faith, wisdom, virility and lastly not to forget the protector of Dharma.

While being indulged in Kailash Manasarovar Yatra, the devotees have to pass through ‘Nandi Inner Kora’ in which they will be having an experience of the pious Nandi Parvat, Astaparbat (Ashtapada), Kailashi Gange, Kuber Kunda, Dakshinmurti Shivalaya, AstamatrikaganParbat, Atmalingam and the most important Saptrishi caves. In case you are going to experience the high pass lying between Holy Mt. Kailash & Nandi Parvat, then an experience of trekking in the high altitude is highly required as well as recommended. During the Nandi Inner Kora, the devotees are going to witness a good number of spiritual sites of varied gods and goddesses, also surely the pilgrims are going to have a massively divine and memorable experience while being engrossed in the spirituality lying in this Kora and also in the pilgrim spots lying within this journey.

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