Hello youtubers, instagrammers, photographers, videographers, vloggers & bloggers!

Max Holidays is inviting all quality and authentic content creators with engaging audiences to join our brand. As a member of the brand you will have the opportunity to enjoy free or subsidised travel to our amazing destinations. Don't miss to grab this travel collab opportunity.

If you think you've got what it takes, we want to hear from you.

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Why Collaborate?

Travel for free

Max Holidays recognises the efforts of the fellow influencers who are putting their hard work in bringing the world closer to the travellers and connecting them with the right platform for their travel requirements. To encourage those influencers we are offering free and subsidiezed trips to many fascinating locations in India, Nepal & Tibet.

Earn money

When all influencers are entitled for a free or a subsidized tour package from Max Holidays, we have gone even beyond this by offering them the opportunity to earn money from their social media engagement which benefits our business directly or indirectly. Get connected with our team to know more on how this offer is benefitting the influencers.

Win free gifts

Not only this, we keep encouraging them by rewarding their excellent work with several surprised gifts they can win by reaching out to more audience through their creative content. With this, we not only encourage the influencencers community to join hand with travel trade but we also ensure that they get something extra for their extra effort.

Brand acknowledgement

On one hand the Company under its digital marketing strategy invites the influencers to join hand with us so that our products and services can reach to masses in a short span of time; on the other hand by welcoming small scale infleuncers to work with us we understand and ensure that they also get brand acknowledgement to strengthen their profile.

Discount vouchers

The Company also provides the influencers with 'Discount Vouchers' which not only work for them to avail discount for their next travel equivalent to the value of the Discount Voucher. These discount vouchers also work as 'Gift Cards' as they can be gifted by the owner for gifting to one of their friends or family member on their special days.

Creative freedom

At Max Holidays we understand the importance of creative freedom for a longer term partnership. Our partner influencers get freedom and flexibility to create their content their own way considering the regional, religions and political sentiments of the people and the world. Our partner infleuncers enjoy their own creative freedom in order to satisfy the audience.

KMY Milestones

Since 2004 we have been the preferred choice for Kailash Mansarovar travelers







Clean Kailash Campaign

Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarovar are among the most sacred places for various faiths including Hindu, Jain and Buddhist. Mt. Kailash is also the birthplace for Sutlej, Karnali, Brahamputra and Indus rivers which plays a great role in the life of people living in Tibet China, Nepal and India. Kailash Mansarovar situated in the Western parts of Tibet close to The Indian Himalayas are rich in biological and ecosystem diversity. Every year the number of visitors and pilgrims is increasing and is also causing increase in the quantity of waste in the region. There is a lack of waste management in the region due to several reasons. In collaboration with the community Max Holidays has initiated 'Clean Kailash Campaign'. We invite everyone to participate and join us for the cause.