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Adi Kailash or Chota Kailash

Situated in Pithoragarh District of Uttrakhand state in India, in a very close proximity to the India-Nepal-Tibet border, the holy mountain Adi Kailash is also known as Chota Kailash. Adi Kailash, which is a replica of Mount Kailash situated in Tibet and is a popular pilgrimage place for the followers of Hindu religion.

  • Engross in the land of spirituality accompanied with an antique array of exquisiteness, piousness and the unsolved tales.

    The easternmost mountain wedge of the state of Uttaranchal is occupied by the Adi Kailash range, which is sandwiched between the borders of Nepal and Tibet. The Kuthi Yankti-Kali Ganga Rivers and the Darma valley form the western and eastern boundaries of the mountain, respectively. Due to its low elevation compared to the ranges of Panch Chuli and Nanda Devi to the west and the security curtain that was thrown over this border region during the Chinese incursions of 1962, the range has garnered little attention from explorers.

  • Due to its sacred status and eye-catching profile when viewed from Parvati Tal and Jolingkong, Adi Kailash (also known as Chota or Little Kailash) is the only peak in the range that has any popularity among Indian hikers and pilgrims. Adi Kailash has become a destination for pilgrimage for several hundred Hindus each year since a temple was built at Parvati Tal in 1973 and a mule path was established from Kuthi to Jolingkong. These pilgrims walk 75 kilometres to see the peak of Lord Shiva and the lake of his second wife Parvati

  • Adi Kailash is the home of Lord Shiva, his spouse Parvati and his children Ganpati and Kartikey, according to Hindu mythology. As a result, the breathtaking Adi Kailash mountain range is cherished by many Hindus for its spiritual significance and is regarded as the most sacred mountain range in the world. India's majestic Himalayas is a treasure trove of its magical creations and breathtaking beauty. Shiva's favourite location is the nature-filled Himalayas, which are home to sparkling Himalayan mountain ranges, rolling waterfalls, birds, and lush vegetation in all four directions.

  • Completing the Adi Kailash Yatra is not an easy journey at all, in fact it is really demanding and strenuous. The Mount Adi Kailash trek can be completed within 12 days. The starting point of the trek is Lakhanpur, located at a distance of 50 kilometres from Dharchula. Then you have to proceed through Lamri, Budhi, Nabhi, Nampha, Kutti, Jeolingkong, Nabidhang, Om Parvat and Kalapani through the Shin la pass, which then connects with the Darma valley. The trek to Adi Kailash allows the visitors to observe the snow-capped Annapurna Mountains, the enormous Kali River, deep woods, the Narayan Ashram full of unique fruits and flowers, and waterfalls.

  • The trekkers are also taken to the popular Kali Temple in Kalpani where people are said to have a positive experience. There is a miraculous stream that flows every three days and runs in a continuous cycle for three days throughout the year can be found at the Suchuma Adi Kailash. Some of the extremely auspicious and unpolluted water features in these locations that can be visited during the tour include Achari Tal, Parvati sarovar and Gauri Kund.

  • For many people, the Adi Kailash and Om Parvat Yatra is a devotion as well as fantasy, merely catching a glimpse of one of these magnificent mountains can cause people to be delighted and euphoric.

  • You can pay a visit to a total of 18 well-known locations including Adi Kailash, the site of Ravan’s ten headstands, which is also well-known for having served as the first half of Shiva Ji’s procession during his marriage, and Om Parvat, a miraculous mountain with an ‘OM’ imprint that can only be seen from India.

  • A scene like Gauri Kund and Parvati Sarovar, with its glistening water and reflection of Adi Kaliash at Parvati Sarovar, compels you to pull out your phone and snap a quick photograph. Some of the main sites that will be included in this journey are the mysterious Patel Bhuvneshwar cave, Bhimtal Lake which is the largest lake in the Kumaon region, and Ved Vyas café, where the Mahabharata was penned are some of the major attractions of this enlightening and spiritual trip. A visit to temples like Chitai Golu Devta Temple which has been penned after Golu Devta- the lord of justice which is then followed by Jageshwar Dham, A place which will fulfil all of your moral desires. One can enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the mountains like Parvati Mukut, Pandav Parvat, Shesnag Parvat, Brahma Parvat, Pandav Fort as well as Kunti Parvat.

  • Along with visiting the spectacular sites at Adi Kailash and Om Parvat Yatra, there will also be a Group Puja at Kali Mandir and a cultural programme at Nabi where visitors will get the opportunity to stay in Nabi for a day if they wish to where they can experience the life the locals lead.

  • If you want to be a part of this life-changing spiritual trip to Adi Kailash Yatra, then you can count on us as we have been recognized for organising Kailash Yatras and have successfully established our name among the most trustworthy and reputed travel companies all over India with our impeccable service.

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