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Saptrishi Caves

Saptrishi Caves

World’s highest lake inculcating immensely pristine water accompanied with extreme divinity ardently followed by thousands of pilgrims every year, the Holy Lake Manasarovar carries a massive spiritual relevance.

  • Consisting of 13 Chortens, the Saptrishi Caves are assumed to be the home of the seven rishis who were an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva…

    The Saptrishi Caves are considered to be an extreme hub in the Nandi inner Parikrama as well these caves are counted amongst the most difficult treks experienced at the time of the Inner Kora. This Kora is done at the time of Kailash Manasarovar Yatra that is majorly prominent as an immensely favoured journey to witness the divinity of Mount Kailash. Not only its shape is highly unique, but Kailash’s mysteries as well as the spirituality associated with it are responsible for making this peak majorly recognized by a large portion of the world’s population. Whether they are Hindus, Buddhists, Bon Pons or Jains, Mount Kailash holds equal importance for each one of them as a result of which it is not solely a place for a single religion but for many of them. However, the fascinating spiritual stories associated with this tall peak differ from one religion to another. There are a good number of spiritual hubs spotted in the midway of Kailash Manasarovar Yatra and one of these are the Saptrishi Caves.

  • The Saptrishi Caves are located at a great elevation of approximately 6000 metres and also are known to be one of the very hard treks in the Kailash Manasarovar Yatra. Leave Atmalingam and then you will be facing a wall that is almost vertical so that it can be climbed for the pious Saptrishi caves. These caves consist of the thirteen chortens which are well managed as well as maintained by the Gengta Monastery situated in the Inner Kora also known as the Inner Parikrama.

  • Also, there is the prevalence of a long horizontal crack in the cave itself that is present solely with an intention of ensuring that nor the rocks neither the snow falls on these 13 well reserved Chortens in the cave, also protecting it from some external damages. The walls of these caves are red in colour since it has followed the Tibetan tradition and also, many find it unique as majority of the visitors who come here put their books, and other belongings at a specified space in these caves with the sole aim of paying homage to Lord Shiva and thanking him for his eternal blessings on them.

  • Those who are present here are surely going to witness abundant religious books in these caves which you can read and have a look on. Also, one is going to see the Nandi Mountain from the Saptrishi Caves and the Nandi Mountains resemble Nandi the bull to a great extent that is a sacred vehicle of Lord Shiva as well as the messenger who is responsible to transfer devotees’ wishes to Lord Shiva who is engrossed in deep meditation.

  • Talking about the treks of Inner Kora, Saptrishi Caves’ trek is considered to be the toughest as a result of which only the experienced mountaineers can have an access to its trekking. The Saptrishi caves are located at a distance of 11.3 km away from Darchen’s camp and one can reach Silung Gompa right from Darchen with the help of a local transport and the real phase of Kora commences once you de-board the bus and start walking to continue the Parikrama. Mentioning the accommodation facility for those who are seeking to visit Saptrishi Caves, it is considered to be at Darchen. Darchen is a hub of the lodging facilities for the tourists and also you can experience a stay at Nyalam elevated at about 3750 metres. But, it is preferable to stay at Darchen for those who are going to the Inner Parikrama as it is known as the most favoured choice of stay.

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