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OM Parvat

OM Parvat

One of the most magical ‘divinity-overloaded’ peaks all around the world accompanied with the natural formation of ‘Om’ adding on to its beauty and spiritual prominence

  • The destination for the highly energetic and positive ‘Om’ showcased naturally the snow deposition…

    As assumed by the Hindu mythology, the almighty Lord Shiva resides atop the majestic Mount Kailash and the beautiful destinations which are tucked in and around Kailash are unequivocally a hub of exquisiteness as well as miracles. With each one of them carrying their own beauty, specialty and relevance, these places never leave a chance to leave the devotees awestruck with the piousness accompanied in them. But, the world believes that there is the prevalence of three Kailash mountains i.e. the Kailash Mansarovar in Tibet, Adi Kailash in Uttaranchal and the Kinnaur Kailash in Himachal Pradesh. Still, the one that is most ardently followed by the devotees from all across the globe is the mighty Mount Kailash that consists of the Om Parvat that is more than enough for restoring any person’s faith in the worship of Lord Shiva. Rising up to an elevation of 6,191m, this peak is recognized by varied names such as the Jonglingkong, Baba Kailash, Adi Kailash and also the Chota Kailash.

  • The ancient peak Om Parvat is situated In the Himalayan Mountain Range that is located in the western Nepal’s Darchula District. It is clipped on the border of India and Nepal. Majority of the population is still mistaken on recognizing this peak and many times they call it as the ‘Adi Kailash’ that is known to be tucked in the Kutti Valley at a distance of approximately 17-19km from the Kutti village and is considered to be a highly distinct peak. But what makes it unique? Why is the Om Parvat accompanied with a plethora of miracles and uniqueness? The answers to some of the questions like these lies in a simple statement: Om Parvat is magic. The massively fascinating impression of ‘OM’ that is witnessed as the one being formed naturally as soon as the deposition of the snow commences with the backdrop of the mountain that is black in color. OM Parvat is situated nearby Nabhi Dhang camp (Nepal) and this majestic peak does not fall in our Kailash Yatra route.

  • Om, also called as ‘Aum’ by many carries an immensely impressive divine aura accompanied with a powerful meaning and is also an indispensable element of the pious scriptures inculcated by the Hindu traditions. It incorporates a creative energy and this is continually serving as one of the prime reasons for the increasing prevalence of this pilgrimage hub amongst the devotees prevalent all across the globe.

  • Majority of the devotees here plane their expedition to the holy Om Parvat with the sole intention of witnessing the representation of the ‘Om’ showcasing its beauty and piousness through the snow deposition. It is recognized as the most unique representation that is not even formed in an artificial manner but naturally. Mentioning about the most favoured tourists’ attractions here, they are none other than the Jonglingkong Lake and Parwati Lake. Just like the holy Manasarovar lake, the Jonglingkong Lake carries the same devotion as well as the piousness especially to the pilgrims belonging to Hinduism. While being here, one is surely going to witness the Parvati Muhar that is a mountain incorporating a pass with the same recognition i.e. the name. The winsome tri-junction meeting point of the borders of Nepal, Tibet and India is marked by Om Parvat.

  • When you are on your way through one of the most difficult terrains- The Kailash Manasarovar Yatra, you shall then spot the Om Parvat in between your way especially from the Lipulekh Pass’s last camp located just below it. It is believed that the Kailash Manasarovar Yatra is not at all complete without the darshan of the Holy peak i.e. the Om Parvat and is also named as the place carrying Lord Shiva’s signature. The devotees are able to witness the representation of Om from the Indian side and the yatris who are intending to explore the Om Parvat from the Nepal’s side shall not be able to have any of the glimpses of this sacred peak. Innumerable mythological stories are connected with the majestic Om Parvat and one shall witness different bygone tales associated with it by distinct priests and the followers.

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