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Booking and Cancellation Policy

Refund Policy

(Before you start your bookings, please read our strict Booking Policies below, our other Booking Conditions Terms of Service and FAQs.)

Refund Policy

Every customer must take a written confirmation from our office for refund against any cancelled trip or services. Such refunds shall be initiated by our accounts department within 15-30 days after completion of the trip and/or after receiving the same from various parties, vendors and authorities in India/Nepal/Tibet etc. It is to be noted that all refunds shall be made in Indian Rupees only after deducting applicable local bank fee, intermediary bank fee, Company service charges, cancellation charges, Govt taxes and other charges as may occure in sending the payments to the account of the traveller. There is 18% GST (Goods & Service Tax of Indian Govt) applicable on all cancellation invoices or consultancy bills which is chargeable over and above the invoice value.

  • Payment refund to residents of India : All applicable refunds to residents of India, will be done in their Indian bank account only or in the bank account from where the booking payment was received on behalf of the traveller. To initiate such refund we require an authority letter from the traveller in a prescribed format where the bank account details are to be provided to our accounts department for receiving the money. It is mandatory to complete all such refund forms and provide a NOC to the accounts department of Max Holidays, before receiving the final refunds.
  • Payment refund to Indians living abroad and to other foreign passport holders : In the event when we have received payments from our customers from an international location or bank in any foreign currency (or even in Indian Rupees), we shall send a refund to the same bank account through SWIFT bank transfer system (or through the same channel from which the payment was received by us). It is to be noted that outward remittances are expensive in India and each outward remittance requires lengthy paper work by the Company, its accountants and bankers. We shall pay the refund in Indian rupees only and the intermediary bank shall credit the amount to the receiving party in his/her local currency (USD/AUD/GBP/Euro etc.) based on the currency exchange applicale on the date of the transfer. All such expenses occurring for outward remittance and the difference in the currency rate will be payable by the traveller / customer only. We do not accept INR payments from Non-Indian passport holders as sending refund against such payments requires NOC and eFIRC copies form the Indian Bank through which the payment was routed to us. Therefore while transferring the payments to our Indian Bank account the traveller / remitter requires to ensure that he/she is using currect channel to pay the money and the payment sould reach in our bank account in Foreign currency only.
  • Refunds against cash payments : Against all cash payments made by the travellers, the refund amount will only be made through bank cheque or NEFT/RTGS transfer system. We do not have a provision ro pay the refunds amount in cash. Such refund amount will only be paid to the bank account of the traveller.
  • Receiving refunds : The Company shall issue refunds only in Indian rupees, as per the Law of India. For international refunds, the intermediary bank are authorised and shall convert the amount in the currency in which the traveler is authorised to receive a payment. At the time of making a refund the company shall transfer the applicable INR amount and the traveler shall receive amount in his/her bank account in a local currency after deduction of intermediary bank fee/charges (if any). All expenses for filling international payment refund forms (15CA CB) and bank fee for SWIFT payments are to be borne by the beneficiary only.

Note : While requesting a booking, cancellations or refund for Kailash tour package, only the traveller is authorised to sign the documents. No co-traveller, friend, relative (even if he/she is a family member of the traveller) will be authorised to sign booking, amendment, cancellation and refund documents on behalf of the traveller (except for minor travellers where parent's approval and declaration is mandatory). Refund payments against any cancellation of the tour package (or a part of the tour package) will be made by the Company only in the bank account of the person who has made the payment to the Company.

Very Important: The above policies and information are designed based on the nature of the travel and also our past experience. We strongly recommend that in additional to the above you also read our trip brochure and additional terms of bookings as mentioned in the booking documents before processing your bookings If you do not agree to our above mentioned policies and Terms of Services or any part or clause of our package services, you must not book your tour with us.

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