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Tirthapuri - Bhasmasur Parvat

Tirthapuri - Bhasmasur Parvat

The highly spiritual and one of the most splendid pilgrimage hub near Kailash Mansarovar for Hindus, Tirthapuri has already reserved a special place in the heart of millions of Hindu pilgrims with its spiritual relevance and miraculous aura.

  • Collecting abundant praises from the devotees all over the globe, Tirthapuri’s hot springs are majorly known for acting as a cure to the physical ailments of the pilgrims

    For the devotees who are striving to be facilitated with the utmost spiritual satisfaction shall go no ahead than the massively divine Mount Kailash that is also considered to be the heavenly abode of Lord Shiva. After the Mount Kailash and the most pristine Lake Manasarovar, the thing that has attained the praises from all over the world is none other than the Tirthapuri. It is a Buddhist pilgrimage that is situated on the Sutlej river and has been considered as one of the highly significant spots located near to the holy Mount Kailash. The travelers in Kailash call the visit to the pious Tirthapuri a really essential one and as the tradition goes, firstly the circumambulation of Lake Manasarovar, then the holy Mount Kailash and lastly the Buddhists’ hub Tirthapuri is explored by the devotees present there. The Western Tibet has recognized it as the third most holy pilgrimage site and thus, it holds a special place in each and everyone’s heart especially the Buddhists and is witnessed as the medicinal hot springs and also the geyser.

  • As notified, a devotee is always allowed to reverse the order of the first two stops i.e. the Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar but the Tirthapuri has been recorded as the ultimate destination of this expedition. Since, everything has a reason, this placement is also accompanied with a valid reason. The hot springs tucked in the Tirthapuri inculcate the soothing water that is the most perfect for the travelers to soak their feet in and experience some relaxation from the journey and the adventure they undertook while circumambulating the Lake Manasarovar and Mount Kailash. Enjoying their close connections with Guru Rinpoche, the hot springs of Tirthapuri are an ultimate delight for the travelers suffering from the fatigue that they have attained from the Kailash Kora. On reaching here and taking the holy bathe in its water, it is the time for pilgrims to indulge in the ritual circumambulation that is performed around that spot. It has been confirmed that a single Kailash Kora is equivalent to 13 Tirthapuri koras and 1 Tirthapuri Kora takes approximately an hour in its completion. This Kora is continually serving as a highly interesting route for the pilgrims, however, in case you are falling short of time you can miss this spot without any issues.

  • The Kora Path incorporates a Tirthapuri Monastery that has been declared as the spiritual destination for the worshipping of goddess Dorje Phagmo and the caves as well as the monasteries lying on the Tirthapuri Kora shall take some additional time. The place is prominently recognized for the immensely divine Padmasanbhava and his consort Yeshe Tsogyel. Apart from the worship and other events in Tirthapuri, the devotees present here are also engrossed in searching the relics which are pear shaped and are majorly spotted during the spring season. The people deliberately search for them especially in water as well as earth mainly during the auspicious days of the full moon. It is said that these deposits bring good luck and also the fortune for the people who have them, also can be used as a cure for varied diseases. The one-hour Kora of the Tirthapuri is more than enough to facilitate you with some of the most beautiful as well as the scenic views. The commencement of this trek is done from the hot springs and then elevating up to a specific spot known as the ‘cremation point’ that is witnessed as the place covered with the old clothes and rags. Eastwards is the “sour” earth hole where the devotees are indulged in continuing their search for the stones which are known to be having some healing properties and while moving further ahead, there is the “sweet” earth hole.

  • Mentioning the most interesting one is the karma-testing hole that lies while moving ahead from the “sweet” earth hole. It is a rock lying beneath a prayer wheel where the divinity seekers can test the levels of their respective karma. They have to get into the hole and take out two stones. In case those two stones are white in color, it is a symbol of good karma, and if they are one white and one black, it is implying that there is a need for the improvement and lastly, if the pair contains both the stones in black color, it implies a bad karma. Thus, it is assumed that this pilgrimage has a strong grasp on improving one’s karma. Once done from here, you can head towards the Tirthapuri Monastery with a circle of mani stones lying to its south and as said, it is notified that during the enshrinement of Guru Rinpoche, varied gods were dancing with joy at the Tirthapuri. The most noteworthy point to be kept in mind while planning your expedition here is that despite of the Tirthapuri hot spring as well as the monastery being accessible by roads, one shall not be able to arrange any kind of public transportation for reaching these spiritual hubs.

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