• Trip Duration
    03 Days
  • Start Point
  • Finish Point
  • Trip Type
  • Trip Expense
    On Request

Muktinath Temple and Damodar Kund Tour

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Trip Itinerary
01 Day

Kathmandu Arrival

On arrival at Kathmandu you will be met at the airport. Kathmandu is a charming & bustling city also known as city of peace.
02 Day

Morning Fly By Chartered Helicopter

Morning fly by Chartered helicopter to Kathmandu-Damodar Kund-Muktinath Darshan-Kathmandu.
Overnight Hotel Kathmandu.
03 Day

Kathmandu Departure

After breakfast departure transfer to airport.

Muktinath Tour Cost
Based on Pax Standard (3* Hotels) Deluxe (4* Hotels) Premium (5* Hotels)
Per Person Cost INR $ USD INR $ USD INR $ USD
02 Pax 6710 140 9125 185 9350 205
03 Pax 6160 130 8140 180 8800 200
04 – 09 Pax 5940 125 7920 175 8580 195
10 – 14 Pax 5610 120 7480 170 8140 190
15 Pax 5390 115 7370 165 8030 185
Single Supplement 2310 50 4510 95 5060 105


1. Kathmandu/Jomsom/Muktinath/Kathmandu by Helicopter will be USD 5690 per chopper &
2. Jomsom/Damodar Kund/ Jomsom USD 1760 every shuttle

Please note one helicopter can accommodate maximum 5 people(max weight limit not exceeding 450kg) upto Jomsom/Muktinath Only.
From Jomsom onwards only 02-03 person (max weight limit not exceeding 250kg) are permitted per chopper to fly to Damodar Kund due to high altitude and security purposes.

What is Included or Not Included

02 night’s accommodation at respective hotels in Kathmandu on twin sharing basis on Bed & Breakfast Basis.
Meeting and assistance at airport by our representative.
All necessary Arrival / Departure transfers by AC vehicle
Annapurna conservation area permit fee.

5% GST
Sightseeing except the mentioned places in the itinerary
Any kind of insurance.
Expenses of personal nature such as laundry bills, bar bills, telephone bills, tipping, porterage at airports/hotels
Camera/video camera fees & museum fees (if any).
Any other services which are not included in the above cost.
Any Kind of Drinks (Alcoholic, Mineral, Aerated)
The service of Vehicle is not included on leisure days & after completing the sightseeing tour as per the itinerary
Lunch and dinner during their stay in Nepal.

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