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Travel Tips To Keep In Mind For Kailash Yatra

Vishal Gogia

June 04, 2019

Mount Kailash, the heavenly abode of Lord Shiva has abundant miracles packed within its vicinity. Undoubtedly, the trail is quite treacherous, however the results are ultimately quite fruitful. A journey to the divine Mount Kailash is as spiritual as the tales associated with it. It’s not easy to reach here, but the dire faith and devotion in the hearts of certain pilgrims is what always encourages them to complete this trail. Before embarking on the pious Kailash Yatra, there is a need for the participants to indulge in a good number of preparations. The trek is not at all a simple thing and packing for the same can’t be done in a single go!

There might be abundant tour operators out there who would have enlisted many things to pack for this Yatra, but I don’t think someone would have made you aware about the non-materialistic preparations! Thus, here is a list of some important guidelines and other important relatable information that you must definitely keep in mind before undertaking such a journey for lifetime:

Don’t stay judgemental

There would be many people who are going to tell you about some negative experiences during the Kailash Yatra on hearing that you are intending for the same. You definitely need to avoid such gossips! Instead what you have to do is just keep your emotional state clean and stay positive. Do not bring any kind of judgemental thoughts and negative energies in your mind while preparing for this trail. Completing the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra with a rather positive mind and heart is going to be more fruitful, surely!

No expectations needed

The miracles here are not for everyone and you just have to keep this in mind. While reading the newspapers or other sites, you are surely going to come across some information on the creation of some sort of vision or miracles experienced by some pilgrims during the Yatra. Well, it has to be noted that these happenings might be for those specific souls and not for everyone! You shall also witness the same, if you are lucky enough. I would suggest you to just expect nothing and go with the flow.

Change your eating habits

You must definitely know that the food during the whole Yatra is going to a pure-vegetarian one with no usage of onions and garlic even! Therefore, while preparing yourself for this journey, you would have to change your eating habits too. You need to stay away from meat/chicken and get habitual of eating the varied fruits and vegetables which have been directly exposed to sun. Apart from that, you also need to say no to smoking, alcohol and drugs!

Exercising is must

There exists a dire need for you to prepare your body for the Kailash Yatra much before it commences i.e. before two to three months. You can indulge in some form of exercising/yoga/gym so that your body do not experience any kind of issues during this tough trek. On hearing about the Kailash Yatra from many, you many come across some people who’ll say that even the fittest of pilgrims fall ill during this trail, however on the other hand the elderly frail people complete it. No matter what your age is, your body needs to be in a perfect condition.

Get ready to pee in the open toilets

Do not expect the toilets in each and every place during the journey to be hygienic and available. While being on your way, there are some places where you are going to witness no toilets but just a hole on the ground with some of them being of no use! However, the hotels that your tour operator is going to facilitate you with usually have toilet facilities. Do not forget to carry along some packs of toilet rolls, sanitizers, tissues and soaps too. Also, you are going to spot less or no toilets during the trek, thus stay mentally prepared for the same.

Language barriers during the trek

Get ready for some miscommunications throughout the Parikrama. The local Tibetan porters as well as the pony owners might not understand your language and thus, you shall be facing language barriers while communicating with them. Thus, you have to get ready for the usage of universal sign language. Apart from that, the Tibetan guides can also present there can also help you out in the same by transferring your messages to them in their native language.

Altitude sickness has to be looked on

The issue of altitude sickness is quite common and it can hit any person even if he/she is a professional trekker or has been to Kailash before too. Especially those, who are intending to participate in this trek for the very first time has to take altitude sickness way too seriously and thus, must follow each and every guideline that your tour guide is going to inform you about. Drink a high amount of water and walk slowly and do not talk excitedly during the journey, instead remain calm!

Don’t overpack

Carry only the mandatory things in your bag. Those which are absolutely required for your journey must be kept. Since, the trek is for a higher altitude as well as is an arduous one, you should carry lightweight luggage along with you. Also, the same depends upon the number of days your trip has been implemented for, but just a sole thing for you to keep in mind- Pack wisely!

Keep the necessary stuff in mind

Mentioning about the materialistic preparations, there are certain things that must be carried by each and every pilgrim planning for the Kailash Trek. These include waterproof shoes, trousers, warm socks (4-5 pairs at least), innerwear, toiletries (tissue papers, sanitizers, soaps, toilet rolls etc.), necessary medication (vomiting, fever, altitude sickness, headache, blood pressure etc.), hot water bottles, raincoat (just in case, rains hit the areas), dry fruits, chocolates, Chinese Currency (Yuan), torch, sunglasses and many others. The list is endless and thus, it is next to possible to list every necessity here.

Travel insurance stands as a mandatory one

While travelling to such a remote area, it is quite necessary for the Kailash Yatris to purchase a proper travel insurance. The role of a travel insurance is acted when there is any kind of mishap or other unforeseen event during the Yatra. Just in case, you have experienced any kind of calamity in the areas on your way to Mount Kailash, you are free to claim for the money that has been spent by you during such an accident. On claiming the same, the insurance company from where you have brought the Travel insurance will get the claimed amount arranged for you.

The trek to Mount Kailash is ultimately a way towards salvation and thus, being its participant is surely ‘one of a kind experience’. The above listed travel tips are easy to keep in mind and if you are able to ensure each one of these during the journey, it is literally going to be the one that will remembered for lifetime. Embark on this nirvana attainment journey to Mount Kailash and feel like never before.

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