Vishal Gogia

Vishal Gogia
Nov, 10-2019

How to obtain Tibet Travel Permit for visiting Kailash Mansarovar

You must have read in other pages on this website about the visa process for traveling to Tibet, China. You must obtain latest information about the policies of Chine Govt for Tibet Travel Permits as they keep changing it unexpectedly. For all foreign nationals it is mandatory to have a China Entry Permit for traveling to any part of the Tibet. But since Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarovar are situated in the restricted region of TAR (Tibet Autonomous Region), the travellers require to obtain a total of four permits for Kailash Mansarovar visit. These four permits are Tibet Travel Permit, Alien’s Travel Permit, Foreign Affair’s Permit and China Military Permit. These permits can be applied only through authorised agents. The policies of Tibetan authorities for these permits are not only tough to follow but are also very complicated to understand sometimes. However travellers have no choice but to follow the law of the land.

To apply for the necessary Tibet Travel permits, one need to supply app necessary personal information, clear scanned copy of valid passport (both pages), clear photograph of the traveller with white background (see photo specifications here) and permit fee. Indian travellers will also require to provide a copy of their PAN card, Voter Identity Card and a declaration for foreign currency spending as per the law of RBI.

Tibet has different policies and charges for travel permits based on the nationality of the travellers and also total number of travellers. Once the permit is granted to the travelers they are eligible to apply for China visa with designated Chinese Embassy

Under such permits entry and exit points are pre-defined and they cannot be changed in any circumstances even in emergent cases. The travellers need to follow strictly the law of the land and remain together with the group members only. If you are traveling in Kailash Mansarovar’s restricted area, you are not permitted to leave the group and take private trip in Tibet. Also entry and exit from Tibet has to be together for all participanting members as per the permit. In the event of emergency, if any traveller(s) wants to leave Tibet, it has to be from the port of exit mentioned on the permit only and an additional permit is to be obtained by paying additional charges at the border.

More details about Tibet Travel Permits are available with our consultants, you may write to them at [email protected] or reach them through the enquiry form.

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