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An Exquisite Tour To Muktinath Temple

Mohit Rana

Jan 15, 2019

Want to see a true illustration of different religions worshipping under a single roof and that too with mutual respect? You can witness such an adorable scenario in the widely recognized pilgrimage hub Muktinath Temple and this made me really stunned when I was personally present at this place! The religious MUKTINATH TEMPLE Tour is surely going to engage your inner senses into the utmost divinity that lies in each and every bit of the Muktinath temple. Letting you dive deeper not only in its spirituality but also the remarkable history, it is surely going to leave you speechless with its divine aura as well as the splendid construction. This Pagoda styled architectural establishment is an incorporation of various shrines, temples, natural springs, prayer wheels as well as some sacred trees which have been formed both in a natural as well as man-made manner.

An apt reflection of the principles associated with the Hindus and Buddhists, this pious destination is an astounding hub that is tucked in the Mustang district spotted at an elevation of 4000m in the gigantic Himalayas. The MUKTINATH DARSHAN TOUR inculcates a good number of mesmerizing views coming out of the mighty mountains while you are passing amidst the serene environment in order to be a part of this epic journey. As uttered by Hindus, the Muktinath Temple is also known as the Mukti Kshetra carrying a literal meaning of a ‘place of salvation’. Also, it is renowned as the oldest temple constructed with an intention of worshipping God Vishnu and Nepal’s Vaishnava tradition. Its high spiritual prominence is carried due to it being counted amongst the eight most sacred places recognized as Srimushnam, Srirangam, Totadri, Naimisharanya, Divya Desam, Badrinath and Tirupati. Apart from this, this destination is also an indispensable part of the 51 Shakti Pitha goddess sites.

On entering the surroundings of Muktinath Temple, you are firstly going to see that it is a small establishment, and while going inside you will be witnessing Vishnu’s golden statue having a size as big as a human known as Shri Mukti Narayan. Also, you shall be having sights of other bronze statues of the gods and goddesses including Bhoodevi, Saraswati, Janaki, Sapta Rishis, and Lava-Kusa with their worship being processed by the Buddhists’ monks and nuns. In its outer area, there are 108 stone faucets which are made in the form of a bull’s head with approximately a one feet distance between each one of them. They are elevated at an altitude of seven feet and the water from the Kali Gandaki River flows out from the mouths of these faucets which can be consumed or sprinkled on the pilgrims’ bodies.

In case you are looking forward to be a part of the divine journey to the Muktinath Temple, then you can have a look at the finest MUKTINATH TOUR PACKAGE.

How to go to Muktinath Temple from Kathmandu & Pokhara?

The holy Muktinath Temple can be accessed from Kathmandu and Pokhara too. However, the choice out of these totally depends upon you. You can opt for any of these packages in order to undertake your journey for reaching the Mukti Kshetra, have a look:

Muktinath Yatra Package by chartered helicopter

- Muktinath Yatra Package by chartered helicopter: Muktinath Temple Darshan can be facilitated by the chartered helicopter than you can board from Kathmandu airport. Fly over the gigantic mountains giving you the best mesmerizing views along with the glimpses of houses resembling some pretty colourful toys from above. This helicopter ride is extends for 1 hour 30 minutes and concludes at the Muktinath Temple, once done with the puja and other spiritual activities in the temples accompanied with its exploration, you shall then come back to Kathmandu via Pokhara by the same chartered helicopter. Kathmandu is the hub from where you can get the both sided services from these helicopters. Since, a chartered helicopter is capable of carrying the weight of 5-6 passengers at a single point of time, if yours is a family of the same number of people then I would highly recommend you to indulge the ride in a private chartered helicopter. Despite of the Muktinath Yatra Package by chartered helicopter being too expensive as compared to other packages, it is one of the mostly favoured since there exists no need for you to be a part of any long drive of flight connection and also enables you to reach Kathmandu in a rapid manner. Thus, it is also majorly prominent as the MUKTINATH DARSHAN LUXURY TOUR PACKAGE.

Muktinath Darshan tour package by road

It can be said that the Muktinath Temple Tour by road shall prove to be a quite hectic as well as an adventurous affair but this one is literally a highly Cheap Muktinath Yatra package. The road conditions which you might spot while coming from Kathmandu to Muktinath Temple or vice versa are quite troublesome. Thus, the overland route for reaching this pilgrimage hub is quite time taking and challenging as well. But, keeping the road conditions on one side for a while, the scenic views and different sites en-route are surely going to fill up your journey with a plethora of amazing captures and plenty of happiness. Under the Muktinath Darshan tour package by road, you will be indulging in a mesmerizing drive commencing from Kathmandu till Pokhara in a time period of 6-7 hours. On reaching Pokhara, stay at your guesthouse/hotel for overnight there and then next morning head towards Jomsom through a 10 hours’ drive while passing amidst the most splendid Ulleri, Ghorepani, Tatopani, Ghasa Larjung and Kagbeni. But just get ready for some discomfort during our drive since your vehicle will be passing through some rough mountainous terrains and also some curvy routes.

Muktinath Darshan tour package by flight

Anyone who is expecting his/her participation in the tour to Muktinath temple through any Muktinath Yatra Package can surely choose the MUKTINATH DARSHAN TOUR PACKAGE BY FLIGHT since this one is unequivocally the best and the most comfortable package for Muktinath tour amongst all others available. The flights’ services are available very easily from Kathmandu to Pokhara and then from there you shall need to board a connecting flight with an intention of reaching Jomsom. After undertaking a part of this journey through a 25 minutes’ flight to Pokhara where you will be staying in the serene environment of Pokhara for an night and then wake up early morning to board a connecting flight and arriving at Jomsom. This spot is just a 30 minutes’ drive away from Muktinath Temple and thus on reaching Jomsom, you shall have to hire a jeep that too on a sharing basis and reach the spiritual as well as your ultimate destination Muktinath Temple. Perform the holy puja and other rituals while being at Muktinath and then stay overnight at the ravishing Jomsom. Next day you will be ultimately coming back to Kathmandu through the connecting flights. It has to be noted that the overland trip to Muktinath mandatorily needs a night stay at Pokhara as well as Jomsom.

Muktinath Darshan Tour Package by flight and road

You can be a participant in the MUKTINATH DARSHAN TOUR both by flight as well as the road. Firstly, you’ll have to head towards Pokhara from Kathmandu through an intriguing drive of 6-7 hours while covering a distance of about 200 kms and before entering the divine Muktinath temple you will be facilitated with an overnight stay at your hotel/guesthouse in Pokhara. Wake up early next morning and then you will be indulging in a highly exciting flight of about 15-20 minutes from Pokhara to Jomsom over the snow-capped mountains giving you a plethora of mind-blowing scenes from above. On reaching Jomsom, you will have to take a hike of about 30 minutes and then reach the ‘jeep-stand’, board the jeep and finally reach the Muktinath temple after a drive of approx. 30 minutes. Next morning, you will have to ultimately come back to Kathmandu through the flight and drives on roads.

What is the best time to visit the Muktinath Temple?

Having some glimpses of the Muktinath temple at the time when the weather conditions are too bad and also the road conditions are not favourable due to the same reason then I don’t think there would be any use for you to visit this spiritual hub. Thus, before planning for your journey to the divine Muktinath temple, there exists a dire need for you to know the best time for exploring the same. Months from March to December are apt for heading towards the Mukti Kshetra, since during these months, the weather would be great, sky will be clear and the mountains will be snow-capped giving you a total amalgamation of the beauteous views from them.

Which are the best tour itineraries for the Muktinath Tour Packages?

The Muktinath tour packages are available in abundance and their tenure ranges from 2 days till a week. The tour itineraries inculcated by these packages are surely going to leave you awestruck with the ultimate thrill, spirituality, fun and adventure that has been packed in them. Engross in the intriguing sightseeing of Kathmandu, experience the lavishness of the Muktinath Temple tour along with your visits to the Manakamana Devi Temple, Pashupatinath along with the main attracting sites of the Muktinath Tour Package which are none other than Holy bath at 108 waterspouts and holy Kund at Muktinath Temple. The price range of these packages greatly vary with the facilities under them i.e. the cheap MUKTINATH YATRA PACKAGE will be comprising of budget transport and basic hotels whereas private chartered helicopter rides along with your stay at the five star hotels will be included in the MUKTINATH DARSHAN LUXURY TOUR PACKAGE. You have choose the best according to your preferences and budget.

What are the basic permits to visit the Muktinath temple?

There exists a need of two different permits for visiting the Muktinath temple and these are (ACAP) Annapurna Conservation Area Project Permit and TIMS (Trekker’s Information Management System Permit). Talking about the ACAP i.e. the Annapurna Conservation Area Project Permit, you can attain it from the Kathmandu or Pokhara’s Nepal Tourism Board while on the other hand the TIMS i.e. the Trekker’s Information Management System Permit shall be facilitated by the TAAN (Travel Agents Association of Nepal) based either at Kathmandu or Pokhara. Apart from this, it has to be noted that the attainment of these permits to the Muktinath Temple can be done only if you carry four latest passport sized coloured photographs as well as a copy of your Passport.

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