Kailash Yatra Traveller's Information

Temperature and Weather near Kailash Mansarovar

The temperature and weather conditions in Tibet vary from day time to night time during the various seasons of the year. Tibetan weather is not harsh as most of us think. During the months of May to September the weather conditions are normally dry and sunny. In July and August the day temperatures is approx 22degrees. May, June and September are main tourism months of this place.

Health Considerations for Kailash Yatra

Before you travel to Tibet, it is recommended to obtain a health Mount Kailash Parvatcertificate from a reputed doctor which mentions that one is fit to travel to high altitudes. Also personal medication and a medical kit are important to be taken along. Some of the general items to be included in the kit would be painkillers, antiseptic, some bandages and antibiotics. Mentioned below are the few detailed things :

Gauze Pads : Approx 6 pads
Gauze Rolls : 2 – 3 rolls
Adhesive tape Rolls
Acne Bandages, Elastic Bandages, Plasters
Water disinfectant tablets, Antibiotics with doctors recommendation
Cold and flu tablets, Throat lozenges
Aspirin or Paracetamol for pain and fever

Fitness for Kailash Mansarovar Travel

As Tibet is a place with high altitudes, travelers need to be in good shape and healthy to survive their tour without getting ill. There is a lot of walking involved and usually one has to climb up mountains at certain tourist places. Fitness exercise must be done before you begin your tour from your home destination so that there is not a sudden change introduced to your body.

Altitude Sickness during Kailash Yatra

Almost all tourists who travel to Tibet experience altitude sickness. Its effect vary from person to person some have strong effect and some have small. Altitude Sickness affects less to those people who are physically fit and have the strength to fit against it. The main symptoms of altitude sickness are matter of discomfort, breathlessness, poor sleeping patterns or limited capacity for physical exertion.

Tips to prevent acute mountain sickness during Kailash Yatra:

Drinking lots of water in Tibet is must as it will avoid dehydration and protect one from harsh weather.
Eat light food and healthy things with high carbohydrates content in it.
When very tired do not push yourself to climb further and take breaks in between journey.
No alcohol and smoking during your travel to avoid dehydration
Lastly avoid getting cold before the travel begins and while you are on tour.

Currency Guidelines for Kailash Mansarovar travel

Chinese Yuan is most common currency used in Tibet, however US dollars are also widely accepted by various shops and hotels. However we recommend getting your international currency exchanged into Chinese currency to avail best deals and have a convenient travel, Bank of China can help you in this. Credit cards are also accepted but not widely and ATM’s are also not easily located.

Transportation during Kailash Mansarovar Yatra

Tibet is considered to be one of the inhospitable regions of the world, but now days many people have begin to travel here and thus there is an effort made to build up good transportation system for travelers. With the network of transport being build Tibet today can be accessed by various modes of travels i.e. air, road and rail. However the most common way of entering in Tibet is by road or trains. One can enjoy the beautiful and splendid natural sceneries on the way which of course one does not get to see by traveling via air. Also by traveling by road one easily gets adjusted with the altitude change gradually.

For traveling locally within Tibet there are buses, jeeps, bicycles and hitchhike available.

Oxygen during Mansarovar Yatra and Mt. Kailash Trekking

While traveling to Tibet, one necessary equipment that is required to be carried along with you is an Oxygen Bag. As the place has lots of high elevation and one might need during the circumbulation of Mount Kailash. However it is advised to use oxygen bags only incase of emergencies.

Accommodation Style during Kailash Yatra

Kailash AccommodationtIn Tibet accommodation is available, there are various hotels, lodges and guest houses but the service and standard may be inferior in comparison with hotels in other parts of the world. Lhasa being the capital of Tibet has some options to stay in and the highest category of hotels one can find here is 4*. In the further interior/remote parts of the place the accommodation is smaller and would be generally guest houses which are available at affordable prices.

While treks and camps one is recommended to carry there own tents, sleeping bags and camping equipments to use on high altitude places where accommodation facility is not guaranteed.

Food and Beverage for Kailash Yatra pilgrims

In Tibet eating out joints has been developing since tourism has begun there. Generally all styles of food is available at restaurants such as India, Nepalese and western food as well but the most common cuisine one can find here is Chinese that is available widely. The most usual cuisines that can be enjoyed by all in this region are Tibetan diet, Sichuan cuisine, northwest wheaten food, northeast cuisine. The food here is not very expensive and easily available.

Travel Permits to visit Kailash Mansarovar region

For traveling into Tibet there are few documents required by foreign travelers mentioned as below : Chinese Visa
Tibet Entry Permit
Travel Permit

All travelers entering Tibet must have a valid passport for at least six months. When getting in Tibet from China – Chinese Visa has to be valid. Only travelers with tourist visas (not business, resident or student visas) are permitted. Incoming Tibet from Nepal, either by friendship highway or by air requires a separate visa valid for Tibet from the Chinese embassy in Katmandu (30-60 day visas are the normal and it normally takes 2 weeks to obtain it.).

Guides / Escort for Kailash Yatra

In Tibet there are local English speaking guides available and are normally well aware of the tourist places there.

Photography during Kailash Mansarovar Yatra

Photography is very interesting in Tibet as one has some beautiful natural beauty to capture. One should take some precautions while photography in Tibet. Do not click pictures of anyone without their permission as this may offend them. Photography during prayers are taking place should be avoided, especially with cameras that have flash. In Monasteries there might be a nominal fee charged for taking photographs, so please check with the people around and then shoot. During treks take necessary technical precautions for cameras and there lens as they might need to be protected as per weather conditions.

Insurance guidelines for Kailash Yatra

It is always recommended to have your insurance coverage purchased from the country of origin to insure yourself against accidents, sickness and emergencies.

Communication facilities near Kailash Mansarovar

During the tour there are many places where connectivity of communication equipments like telephones or mobiles is not available. The main and last place where one can make International calls is Darchan. One can also take help of hotels and travel agents to get in touch Mount Kailash Parvat with people back home.

General Considerations when Packing for Kailash Yatra

During your travel to places like Tibet, it is always recommended to keep the luggage light as you might have to carry in certain places it yourself. Also if traveling via air then the airlines baggage allowance must also be kept in consideration which usually is 20 kgs per person. Some of the general items that should be carried along are ID card, backpack, waist pack, cold proof clothes, water proof clothes, woolen clothes, caps, gloves, scarf’s, general medicines, torch and packaged ready food.