1. Outer Parikrama

Q : How to distinguish between the Outer and the Inner Parikrama of Mount Kailash?

A : The outer kora is the normal 3 days parikrama / kora / circumambulation of holy Mount Kailash which leads through Dhirapukh Gompa and Zuthulpukh Gompa. On the other hand the Inner Kora of Mount Kailash includes (apart from the normal kora) visit and parikrama of Nandi Parvat, Ashtapad, Atma Linga etc. The inner kora is comparatively very tough and is performed usually one or two times every year, depending on weather. However August is considered to be the most suitable time for Inner kora of Mount Kailash.

2. Inner Parikrama

Q : How much time is taken and kilometers are covered by the Inner Parikrama of Mount Kailash?

A : It takes approximately one day for the devotee to complete the Inner Parikrama of Mount Kailash and it is of 34 km.

3. Spiritual Significance

Q : What is the spiritual significance of Mount Kailash?

A : Mount Kailash is considered to be the most ardently followed pilgrimage hub. It is known to be the heavenly abode of Lord Shiva by the Hindus and is also associated with different beliefs from people belonging to different religions.