1. Medical Checkup

Q : What are the tests that I must go through before booking or undertaking the Kailash Yatra?

A : Blood test, Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure, ECG are some basic tests which are recommended. Depending on age or physical status of a person, we recommend that he should get examined by the physician thoroughly. It is totally the responsibility of the traveller to ensure that he/she is fit to undertake this trip. Anytime during the trip if the person is found unfit to take further trip, he/she may be immediately off-loaded from the Kailash trip and sent back by offering no compensation in lieu thereof and all additional services hired in that case will be completely on the traveller only.

2. Medicines

Q : What kind of medicines should I carry along during the tour?

A : Our tour executive is already going to carry abundant medicines which have been approved by the highly professional doctors from Nepal and Tibet for your safety.

3. Oxygen

Q : What is the availability of medical Oxygen during Kailash Yatra?

A : During Kailash Yatra tour in Tibet and especially during the trekking our crew does carry oxygen cylinders/oxygen pillow/portable oxygen bottles for emergency use. Small portable oxygen bottles are available easily in the Burang market and one can also carry the same for emergency use on his own expense.

4. Emergency support

Q : What kind of emergency evacuation facilities are available?

A : During Kailash Yatra tour in the event of emergency we provide all possible and available emergency evacuation facilities such as ground ambulance, helicopter ambulance, doctors, hospitalization etc. but the same is payable by the travellers only. We do not take any liability for payments of hospital bills, medicines, emergency evacuation transport, additional accommodation and food bills etc. One must carry sufficient money to overcome with such situations.