1. India and Nepal side

Q : What kind of accommodation can I expect at India & Nepal side?

A : Except Hilsa and Simikot, we can afford the 4 star hotels at the India and Nepal Side. The facilities there are highly satisfactory.

2. Tibet side

Q : Can I know about the accommodation at the Tibet side?

A : The accommodation at the Tibet side is too basic and has dormitory style. There can be some electricity issues in the accommodation here.

3. Toilets

Q : What types of toilet facilities are available on Kailash Mansarovar Yatra route?

A : During Kailash Mansarovar travel it is very obvious to face difficulties with finding good and clean toilets. Where the newly come up hotels at Taklakot, Saga, Darchen offer rooms with attached toilets, most guest houses and hotels still offer common toilets which are sometime not very clean. There is a mix of Indian as well as English style toilets at those places and one need to be prepared for this. Travelers with knee problems going on Kailash Yatra must inform the guides in advance for their requirements of English toilets and the guides shall try to accommodate their need depending on the availability. During the Kora / parikrama / circumambulation of mount Kailash there is no toilet facility and one has to use open air toilets due to no option. Sometimes the toilets with dug-pit loos are provided.