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Kailash Yatra 2018 Dates Chart

An important event in Hindu pilgrimage calendar, Kailash Manasarovar Yatra is an annual event organized between the temperate months of May to September. Between the months of May to September, the weather and climate at one of the highest zones of the earth, around Mount Kailash remains mild as rest of the year the region mostly lies under severe cold and frozen conditions. Below is mentioned the list of dates when you can book o journey to Kailash Manasarovar with us:-

  • Mt. kailash manasarovar yatra 2018 by Helicopter (11 days or 08 days) Fixed Departure Dates

    No. Start Date End Date Remarks
    1 25th Apr 05th May  
    2 05th May 15th May Full Moon
    3 11th May 21st May  
    4 18th May 28th May  
    5 25th May 04th Jun  
    6 04th Jun 14th Jun Full Moon
    7 15th Jun 25th Jun  
    8 20th Jun 29th Jun  
    9 04th Jul 14th Jul Full Moon
    10 11th Jul 21st Jul  
    11 18th Jul 28th Jul  
    12 03rd Aug 13th Aug Full Moon
    13 17th Aug 27th Aug  
    14 22th Aug 01st Sep  
    15 27th Aug 06th Sep  
    16 01st Sep 11th Sep Full Moon
  • Mt. kailash manasarovar yatra 2018 Overland Yatra by Bus (14 days) Fixed Departure Dates

    No. Start Date End Date Remarks
    1 04th May 17th May Full Moon
    2 10th May 23rd May  
    3 18th May 31st May  
    4 29th May 11th Jun  
    5 03rd Jun 16th Jun Full Moon
    6 11th Jun 24th Jun  
    7 19th Jun 02nd Jul  
    8 26th Jun 09th Jul  
    9 03rd Jul 16th Jul Full Moon
    10 11th Jul 24th Jul  
    11 22nd Jul 04th Aug  
    12 02nd Aug 15th Aug Full Moon
    13 09th Aug 22nd Aug  
    14 16th Aug 29th Aug  
    15 21st Aug 03rd Sep  
    16 31st Aug 13th Sep Full Moon
    17 05th Sep 18th Sep