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About Tirthpuri


Next to the Sutlej River on the north bank, the Tirthapuri Hot Springs fill the infertile backdrop for this area with steam. Devotes normally visit Tirthapuri after the Kailash pilgrimage this is also considered that Kailash Yatra is incomplete without Tirthapuri philosophy. They go for a dip in pools fed by the sacred springs as they visit the cave and monastery associated with Guru Rinpoche. Prayer flags stretch across the river gorge and chortens (stupas) add color to the landscape.

An hour kora (Prikarma) around Tirthapuri, from the hot springs at the northwest area of the circle, the track climbs up to a cremation point where old clothes and rags have been should be left on the rocks. The path then turns east, passing a "sour" earth hole and a "sweet" earth hole, where pilgrims dig for small stones believed to have healing properties.